Im joyous to share Crystal Ocean, my new musical creation with you…  3 years in the making… Weaving neo-soul trip hop, dub and broken beats, laced with pantam (hang drum), haunting strings,  eclectic vocals, crystal singing bowls and whalesong, Crystal Ocean is a journey through addiction, separation, loss and grief, to our ultimate reconnection with the Divine Light within.


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Start Over ~ ‘A fearless blend of earthy melodies and broken beats… JenJen’s music is like nothing you’ve ever heard before… Mesmerising and intriguing… an exciting hint of what’s in the album’  ~ AnRFactory (2017)


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Crystal Ocean is out on Contact Media on Dec 21st …

Featuring Maxine Venton (Fat Panthers/violin, mandolin), Frank Wilson (harmonica), Kev Hutch (NY’s finest rapper), Craig R Ninjah (Hang Massive/pantam) and Tim Gallagher (baran)








Annies Song

Dub Deep

Take a Little Time


Dedicated to Josh Knotty 23

In Love We Rest