Neo-soul Trip-hop and Dub





ANGEL ~ Sanctum, Bristol 2015


Singer/songwriter/producer/DJ/sound alchemist and sound healer, JENJEN, weaves eclectic vocals on a bed of neo-soul trip-hop, dub, breakbeats and ethnic percussion, laced with haunting strings, whalesong and shamanic soundscapes from the natural world.

Playing round the world for over two decades, JENJEN’s music has been compared to Portishead, Thom Yorke, Liz Fraser (Cocteau Twins), Enya, Kate Bush, early Massive Attack, Sandy Denny, Joan Baez, Natasha Atlas, Joni Mitchell, Melanie, and Aphex Twin!

JENJEN has played alongside some of the world’s finest DJ’s , including Grandmaster Flash, the Freestylers and Scratch Perverts. She has sung with Peewee Ellis (James Brown band), the O’Roonies, and her band Snipe, rated by John Peel and coveted by 4AD before their split in 2003.

JENJEN’s new album, Crystal Ocean is a fusion of triphop, dub, broken breaks, and sprinkles of folk and jazz…

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I Like what Im hearing ~ John Peel
A breath of fresh air.. comparisons to Sandy Denny, Portishead and the Cocteau Twins..but there’s something else, an earthy spirit.. there is something really sublime about this music’ ~
John Hole, SomerValley Radio

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Photo By: Bartosz Branka

Photo By: Bartosz Branka


“I love your music” Jean Paul Vivini, Mother Gong

‘You are fearless in the spectrum of what you take on” Keith da Bass, Here and Now

“Her music is ahead of its time.. A careful blend of true beauty” Mark Wolffe

JENJEN ‘strikes without warning, and leaves a mark on the Heart of your Soul’ Pat McCormick

“eerily reminiscent of sandy denny with songs that just ooze chill out.. perfect for those long hot summer festival days.” acoustic magazine, 2012, debut album

‘Very different..I like’

For Folks Sak

“Sounds like Sandy Denny.. and praise for an acoustic artist doesn’t get much better than that”

Somerset Gazette 2011

“Something a little fresh and different”

Eli Heath

Elegy for Strings (432Hz) ~ 432 Chamber Orchestra feat JenJen

“the next biggest thing to come out of bristol after massive attack and portishead,”

snipe review, logo mag (2003)

‘If you want to hear a creative music project, listen to the SNIPE remix of Ghost Dance.
Keith Harrison Broninski, Nunney Jazz cafe