Singing songs from my new album, Crystal Ocean
Pre-album launch ~ Facebook LIVE stream on Visual Radio Arts, 20/10/2017 

Tune in at 9pm for JENJEN on Soundcheck.Original Neo-soul triphop/dub. JENJEN's music has been compared to Portishead, early Massive Attack, Thom Yorke, Kate Bush, Liz Fraser (Cocteau Twins), Enya and Sandy Denny.Jen Jen plays a live album pre-launch Soundcheck set, free to air, piped straight to you laptop via Facebook Live.

Posted by Visual Radio Arts on Friday, October 20, 2017



Start Over ‘A fearless blend of earthy melodies and broken beats… JenJen’s music is like nothing you’ve ever heard before… Mysterious and intriguing… an exciting hint of what’s in the album’  ~ AnRFactory (2017)

Download Start Over, debut single from Crystal Ocean,

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